Alians Clavicle S



Implants of the Alians Clavicle range are dedicated to the fixation of fractures, mal-unions, non-unions, and osteotomies of the clavicle in adults.                 Alians Clavicle S Brochure


Technical features 

  • Polyaxial locking fixation (DualTec System ® III)
  • Precontoured and bendable implants 
  • Comprehensive range of superior plates 
  • Pre-angled screws allowing a 20° polyaxial angulation


Angular range : +/- 10° Polyaxial locking fixation for lateral plates 

The DTS3 technology ensures the locking of the screw into the plate while allowing its angulation. The DTS3 polyaxial locking holes are located in the epiphyseal area. This system helps for the insertion of the screws in diverging or converging directions and strengthens the assembly.



Optimized anatomical congruence

The design of this implant is the result of a proprietary state-of-the-art mapping technology to establish an optimized congruence between the plate and the bone.

Alians Clavicle S - Optimized anatomical congruence

Bendable plates 

Some plates from ALIANS CLAVICLE S range offer bending areas. It is possible to bend the plate with the bending irons (ANC452) following the instructions below: 

> Bending is only possible in the areas intended for this purpose, 

> A bendable area should be bent only once and in one direction, 

> Bending should not be performed excessively, 

> The holes must be protected so as to avoid damaging of the fixation. There is a risk of distortion of the holes when bending the plate. 



Plates dedicated to the lateral part of the clavicle 

Alians Clavicle S - Plates dedicated to the lateral part of the clavicle

Plates dedicated to the middle-third of the clavicle

Alians Clavicle S - plates dedicated to the middle-third of the clavicle

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