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The implants of the FootMotion range are intended for the fixation of bone fractures and osteotomies and for arthrodeses of foot in adults.


Technical features

  • Comprehensive range of products including screws, staples, percutaneous reamers specifically designed for the surgical treatment of forefoot conditions
  • Self-drilling, self-tapping and self-compressive screws
  • Cylindro-conical shape head for non-traumatic insertion
  • Ergonomically-designed instruments combining 3 functions (screwdriver, countersink and depth gauge) available for each of the 3 cannulated screw diameters to reduce operative time



  • Cannulated screws available in 3 diameters: Ø3.0 mm screws, length 10 to 40 mm (2 mm increment), Ø2.6 mm and Ø2.25 mm screws, length 10 to 34 mm (2 mm increment)
  • Weil screws:
    • Ø2.0 mm screws, length 8 to 15 mm (1 mm increment)
    • Ø2.0 mm snap-off screws, length 11 to 15 mm (1 mm increment)
  • Chevron screws: Ø2.8 mm screws, length 16 to 28 mm (2 mm increment)


Surgical techniques: final results

Hallux Valgus treatment


Ø3.0 mm and Ø2.6mm Scarf screws

Further information

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Scarf screws


Weil screws snap-off


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