The implants of the Footmotion Plating System are intended for arthrodeses, fractures and osteotomies fixation and revision surgeries of the foot in adults.


Preservation brochure



A comprehensive range of plates

Medial column plates 



Preservation - Medial column plates

Distal arch plates 

distal arch plates - Preservation

Technical features 


L-shaped for high mechanical properties 

L Shaped_Preservation

Medial column construct

Medial column construct_Preservation V2

Transarticular screws

Transarticular screws Preservation US

Anatomical features


Precontoured implants 

The design of these implants is the result of a proprietary state-of-the-art mapping technology to establish the maximum congruence between the plate and the bone. 


Bendable plates 

However, in the case of difficult bone anatomy, all the Preservation plates can be bent with the appropriate bending pliers (ANC578). The bending of these plates must be performed once and in one direction only. Please refer to the IFU for bending precautions.

preservation - anatomical features visual

Fixation and screw features


  • Ø3.5 mm locking and non locking (compressive) screws, from 10 to 50 mm (2 mm incrementation).
screw features - Preservation
  • The screw head is buried into the plate to minimize discomfort and risk of soft tissue irritation.

  • The hexalobe screw recess design (T15) improves torque transmission and the ability to cope with the difficulty arising from screw insertion into the bone.

Screw features - Preservation - hexalobe recess design

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