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Hybrid Latarjet



The implants of the Stand Alone Screws range are intended for fracture fixations, osteotomies and arthrodesis of bones in adults and adolescents, appropriate for the size of the device.


> Benefits of this method: Security - Reproducibility - Simplicity                                                                                                                           HyLa brochure                                                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Watch HyLa video


Technical features

  • Instrumentation dedicated to realization of Latarjet technique for shoulder instability
  • Positioning guide adapted to different techniques (open technique, assisted by arthroscopy, posterior approach)
  • Cannulated screws Ø3.5 offering optimized anchorage and compression     
  • Sterile conditioning, ready to use 




Instruments compatible with hybrid & open techniques for shoulder instability treatment 


Easy transition



  • Posterior arthroscopic approach 
  • Associated arthroscopic procedures (Bankart or Hill Sachs remplissage) 
  • Possibility to easily transition to an open technique at any time



  • Classic Latarjet technique 
  • Neurologic protection 
  • Control and assistance for medio-lateral positioning 
  • Parallelism of the screws and reproducibility



Self-drilling self-compressive screw Ø3.5 mm - cannulated Ø1.25 mm - STERILE L28 mm to L42 mm (2 mm increment)


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