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The Activmotion range is indicated for knee osteotomy in adults. 


Technical features

  • Design allowing two surgical procedures to be done at the same time
  • Design and positioning adapted to the knee biomechanics 


  • Ø4.5 mm reinforced core screws for optimized mechanical stability,
  • Buried screws are used to minimize risks of soft tissue irritation.


Polyaxial system

  • Possible angulation of the screw before locking (25° locking range) thanks to the DTS® system.

  • 2 polyaxial locking holes (DTS®) are located in the proximal part on either side of the ACL tunnel to avoid damaging the graft.


  • Anatomic asymmetrical implant (green anodized for right side, blue anodized for left side), 
  • To prevent any risk of damaging the tunnel, the plate’s upper part is optimized for ACL reconstruction, 
  • 6 locking screws, including 2 polyaxial screws to avoid conflicts with the ACL tunnel, 
  • Material: Titanium alloy (TA6V).



  • A single instrument set for the whole Activmotion range, 

  • One type of screw (Ø4.5 mm) and one drill bit diameter (Ø4.0 mm) for simple and safe implant fitting, 

  • Metallic osteotomy wedges for progressive accurate and safe opening of the osteotomy site.


Surgical techniques: final results

Anteromedial positioning


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