The implants of the PeriActiv range are intended for osteosynthesis of femoral periprosthetic fractures in adults.


Technical features

  • Stable plating system for improved fatigue performance: titanium alloy, holes in a staggered line pattern evenly distributing the mechanical stresses, and reinforced core screws
  • A plate compatible with many cerclage cable systems (porotic bones)
  • Dualtec System technology: all holes are polyaxial and allow +/- 12.5° angulation (25° cone) thus providing optimal stability to the construct notably in case of porotic bones and avoiding damage to previously implanted material (divergent screw orientation)



  • Symmetrical periprosthetic femur diaphysis plates coming in 2 sizes (238 & 314 mm, featuring respectively 12 & 16 holes)
  • Single fixation: Ø4.5 mm locking and self-tapping screws, length 15 to 30 mm (3mm increment) and 30 to 50 mm (5mm increment)


Surgical techniques: final results

Periprosthetic revison surgery


Periprosthetic diaphyseal plate - Size 1

Further information

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