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The implants of the Initial C™ are dedicated to the fixation of fractures, mal-union, non-unions, and osteotomies of the clavicle in adults.

KIT content

- Instrumentation

- Implants : plates and screws

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Initial C™ kits are available with the following implants:

Plates : 

2 types of plates: 

  • Medial plates : Size 2 (89 mm)
  • Medial lateral plates : Size 2 (93 mm)

Technical features : 

  • Precontoured implant

Fixation : 

  • Ø3.5 mm locking screws
  • Ø3.5 mm cortical screws

(Additional sterile screws can be ordered separated in Supplemental Sterile Screw Caddy).



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