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The implants of the Initial R™ range are intended for the fixation of intra and extra-articular fractures as well as distal radius osteotomies in adults.

Kit Content

- Instrumentation 

- Implants : plates and screws

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Initial R™ kits are available with the following implants:
Plates :

6 plates, available in right and left version:

  • Narrow head plates : Size 1 (length: 41 mm, width: 19,5 mm), Size 2 (length: 52 mm, width: 20,7 mm),
  • Standard head plates : Size 1 (length: 41 mm, width: 23,7 mm), Size 2 (length: 52 mm, width: 23,7 mm), Size 3 (length:  90 mm, width: 23,7 mm),
  • Wide head plate: Size 1 (length: 60 mm, width: 27,6 mm).

Technical features :

  • Palmar plate running alongside the watershed line,
  • Optimal design reducing the risks of soft tissue irritation thanks to the rounded distal edge of the plates,
  • Dualtec System® 2 technology: polyaxial holes allowing +/- 10 angulation (20° cone).

Fixation: Ø2.8 mm 

  • Locking screws
  • Cortical screws

(Additional sterile screws can be ordered separated in Supplemental Sterile Screw Caddy)



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