The knives of the Kemis® range are single-use manual minimally-invasive percutaneous knives, for transient use to cut soft tissues during surgical procedures.

The Kemis® knives range currently consists of two different knives: Kemis H3 & Kemis H1. Each of them have been specifically

designed to treat a large number of applications whilst preserving the surrounding soft tissues.


An ergonomically enhanced instrument  

  • Ergonomic design, upper and lower curves designed for reducing the risk of injury of the anatomical structures when inserting the knife. 
  • End tip designed to protect surrounding anatomical structures from the cutting edge of the blade, thus reducing the risks of unintentional injuries.


A mini-invasive technique 

  • Small incision (7 to 15 mm for Kemis H3 and 3 to 5 mm for Kemis H1) resulting in smaller scar compared to a surgery performed using a scalpel.
  • Possibility of visual monitoring by ultrasound.


Single use sterile knives

  • Ready to use for surgery.

  • Sterile to minimize the risks of contamination.


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Kemis H1 & H3 image

Kemis H3 applications 

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
  • Compartment syndrome ((upper and lower limb)
  • Lacertus fibrosus syndrome
  • Spasticity (treatment by tenotomy)
Kemis H3 technical features image

Kemis H1 applications

  • Trigger finger
  • Ulnar nerve entrapment
  • De Quervain's tenosynovitis
Kemis H1 technical features image

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