Kemis® is an instrument combining both the safety of the open release procedure and the clinical advantages of endoscopic surgery.


An ergonomically enhanced instrument  

  • Ergonomic design, upper (1) and lower (2) curves designed for reducing the risk of injury of the anatomical structures when inserting the knife. 
  • The blade is an integral part of the knife design (3) and does not damage surrounding tissues. 
  • Secured cutting of the ligament reducing the risks of median nerve and flexor tendons injury. 
  • Palmar aponeurosis preserved.


A safer technique 

  • Immediate visualization of the ligament and distal division of the median nerve (thenar branch, digital nerves). 
  • Visual monitoring of the anatomic variations of the thenar eminence. 
  • The cutting edge of the blade (0,3mm thick) is never in contact with the surrounding anatomical structures, thus avoiding unintentional injury.


Schema Kemis 1


A more cost-effective tool 

  • Optimized knife cost. 
  • Single use sterile knife. 
  • No endoscopy column or dedicated instrumentation.


Simpler postoperative care 

  • Small incision size. 
  • Limited damage to the palm of the hand.

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