Xpert Wrist 2.4 - Fragment Specific plates



The implants of the Xpert Wrist range are intended for the fixation of hand and forearm fractures, osteotomies and arthrodeses in adults.


Fragment Specific brochure



Technical features

> Dorsal plates, radial column plates & distal ulna plates

  • Precontoured implants
  • Polyaxiality of 20°
  • Ø2.4 mm single screw diameter
  • Locking oblong hole


Distal radius plates

> Complete range of implants for radial column and intermediate column

Xpert Wrist 2.4 dorso medial plates
Dorso lateral plates - fragment spe
Radial column latero-dorsal plates fragment spe Ed 10
radial column plates Fragment Spe- Ed 10
fragment spe visual
Fragment Spe Visual 2


Rim hook plates 

Assembly possible of an anterior hook plate with a radial volar plate to reach the radial styloid. Each plate can be used alone depending on the fracture pattern.


The choice to associate an anterior hook (size 2 or 3) with a radial volar plate (narrow or standard head) is at the discretion of the surgeon.

Fragment Spe - Rim hook plates
fragment spe - rim hook plates visuels


Volar Rim plates


  • Precontoured plates for anatomical fit.


Post-operative Consideration 

The plate positioning onto the watershed line may increase the risk of tendon injury. Surgeon should take this into consideration during subsequent follow– up of the patient. Plate removal post–healing is mandatory.



Xpert fragment spe - Volar Rim plates


Distal ulna plates

  • Antero-lateral positioning, with an anterior bracket.
Xpert fragment spe - distal ulna plates

Fixation technical features


A single screw diameter: Ø2.4 mm locking screws (SDT2.4Lxx) and Ø2.4 mm non-locking screws (CT2.4Lxx). 

Polyaxial platform, allowing angulation of ± 10 °, thanks to the use of the polyaxial drill guide (ANC687), and allowing to adjust the orientation of the screws during surgery. 

Hexalobular stamp 

Locking Oblong hole: Depending on the surgical technique, the cortical screws can be used either to finalize the reduction by compressing the plate on the bone, or to temporarily stabilize the plate. In case of poor bone quality, the use of a locking screw can also increase the stability.

technical fixation fragment spe
fragment spe - fixation technical

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