The implants of the Footmotion Plating System are intended for arthrodeses, fractures and osteotomies fixation and revision surgeries of the foot in adults.


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  • A full range for lateral extensile and sinus tarsi approaches
  • Compatible with Ø3.5 mm and Ø2.8 mm locking and non locking screws
  • External drilling guide for MIS technique
  • Multiple sustentaculum targeting


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Minimally invasive external guide

  • Allowing the manipulation of the plate under the skin
  • Targeting of the holes percutaneously
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anatomical features 

Precontoured implants

The design of these implants is the result of a proprietary state-of-the-art mapping technology to establish the maximum congruence between the plate and the bone.


Bendable plates

However, in the case of difficult bone anatomy, all the Calcanheal plates can be bent with the appropriate bending irons (ANC578). The bending of these plates must be performed once and in one direction only. Please refer to the IFU for bending precautions.

> If the bending irons are used for the sinus tarsi plates, the external guide can no longer be used. 

Calcanheal - precontoured implants

Fixation and screws features


  • Ø3.5 mm and Ø2.8 mm locking and non locking (compressive) screws, from 10 mm to 50 mm (2 mm incrementation).
  • The screw head is minimally invasive and buried in the plate to minimize the risk of soft tissue irritation.
  • Polyaxiality of +/- 10° for all the holes of the plate.
  • The hexalobe screw recess design (T15) improves torque transmission and ability to cope with the difficulty arising from screw insertion into the bone.
Calcanheal - fixation & screw features - march 2021

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