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The implants of the Activmotion S range are intended for knee osteotomy in adults. 


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Knee alignment is our philosophy. 



• Closing and opening tibial and femoral plates

• Dedicated plates for HTO + ligamentoplasty reconstruction

• Several sizes because one plate cannot fit all!



• Screw position supporting the lateral stress

• Limiting the tibial internal rotation of the distal fragment and limiting the risk of lateral hinge fracture

• Limiting the lever arm of the screws (shorter screws and working in the direction of the knee roll back)



• Optimized implants to limit patient discomfort

• Titanium alloy (TA6V) implants for optimized mechanical resistance

Activmotion S - full range - feb 2021


Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy plates 


Technical features

  • Anatomic asymmetrical implants (blue anodized for left plates and green anodized for right plates).
  • Screw position supporting the lateral stress
  • The design of the size 2 implant is adapted to large biplanar cuts or large osteotomies.
  • Titanium alloy TA6V implants for optimized mechanical resistance.


Size 1

For monoplanar osteotomies

  • Up to 12 mm of correction

> It is not recommended to use the plate size 1 with a biplanar osteotomy to avoid the distalisation of the plate and the screw ending into the osteotomy gap.


Size 2

For biplanar osteotomies

  • Ascendant osteotomies
opening wedge high tibial osteotomy plates size 1 & 2

Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy with ACL replacement plates



  • Anatomic asymmetrical implants (blue anodized for left plates and green anodized for right plates).
  • To limit the risk of damaging the tunnel, the plate’s upper part and the screw positioning are optimized for ACL reconstruction.
  • 1 polyaxial locking hole located in the proximal part of the ACL tunnel to avoid damaging the graft.
  • One design compatible with the placement of the peek or titanium suture-button.
opening wedge hogh tibial osteo with ACL replacement

Distal Femoral Osteotomy plates


Technical features


  • Medial closing and lateral opening plates.
  • Anatomic asymmetrical implants (green anodized for right plates and blue anodized for left plates).
  • 2 offset screw holes improving the mechanical features of the assembly and preventing loss of angular correction:

- On both sides of the osteotomy site for closing;

- Above the osteotomy site for opening.


  • Monoaxial locking screws (Oneclip®):

- 7 screws for the closing plate;

- 8 screws for the opening plate.


  • 1 polyaxial locking screw (DTS) allowing to avoid the intercondylar notch, if necessary. Possible angulation of the screw before locking (25° locking range) thanks to the DTS system.
  • 1 ramp oblong hole allowing for a simple and controlled compression for closing.
distal femoral osteo plates

Closing wedge High Tibial Osteotomy plates 


Technical Features


  • Lateral and medial closing plates (2 sizes available)
  • Precontourned implants: the design of these plates is the result of a proprietary state-of-the-art mapping technology to establish the maximum congruence between the plate and the bone
  • Compression oblong ramp hole to optimize the osteotomy compression
  • Titanium alloy TA6V implants for optimized mechanical resistance
  • Medial plate: antero-medial positioning for an easier positioning of the plate avoiding the medial step due to the osteotomy


Valgisation plates

valgisation plates activmotion S UK

Varisation plates 

Varisation plates Activmotion S UK

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