The implants of the Inital F™ Lapidus range are intended for arthrodeses, fractures and osteotomies fixation

and revision surgeries of the foot in adults.


Initial F™Lapidus kits are available with three Plantar Lapidus Arthrodesis plates, available in right and left version:

  • Size 0 (length: 37 mm)
  • Size 1 (length: 42 mm)
  • Size 2 (length: 50 mm)


  • Ø3.5 mm Locking screws
  • Ø3.5 mm Non locking screws

Technical Features


  • Low profile plate: 1,7 mm thick, thus limiting soft tissue irritation risks while providing an optimized mechanical stability.
  • Range of precontoured plates: the design of this implant is the result of a proprietary state-of-the-art mapping technology to establish an optimized congruence between the plate and the bone.
  • Holes:
  • Hole for transfixation screw
  • Holes for converging screws in the distal and proximal areas.
  • Ramp oblong hole, enabling a simple and controlled compression by its screwplate interface.


  • Efficient locking: The threads under the screw head and inside the hole have strictly the same characteristics. Coaptation of both profiles during locking, limits a cold-welding risk and improves the removal properties.
  • A single screw diameter: Ø3.5 mm. Both locking (SLT3.5Lxx) and non locking screws (RLT3.5Lxx) are available.

Additional Instrumentation kits

  • FLTDVx and FLTGVx templates

(Additional sterile screws can be ordered separately in Supplemental Sterile Screw Caddy)


Initial F Lapidus Brochure

Initial F™ Lapidus KIT Content

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