Alians Ulna 3/3



The implants of the Alians Ulna range are intended for ulnar shortening osteotomies in adults.                                                                                         Alians Ulna 3/3 brochure                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Alians Ulna 3/3 surgical technique video



Technical features


  • Monoaxial locking system
  • Rack-and-pinion compression device
  • Stabilization transfixation screw / compression screw 
  • Low-profile locking plate



Implant technical features 


- Anatomically contoured implant: the edges and tips of the implant are rounded to minimize soft tissue irritation. 

- Marks appearing on the implant : 

  • Proximal and distal ends 
  • Graduations for checking compression level



Monoaxial fixation


• Ø3.5 mm standard cortical screw for proximal oblong hole (CT3.5Lxx) 

• Ø3.5 mm locking screw (SOT3.5Lxx) 

• Ø2.8 mm standard cortical screw for pre-angled central hole (CT2.8Lxx): stabilization screw 

• Ø2.8 mm lag screw for pre-angled central hole (QBT2.8Lxx) : compression screw




Monoaxial locking system




- The threaded sections under the screw head and inside the hole have strictly the same characteristics (1) : 

  • Cylindrical internal thread profile, 
  • Cylindrical external thread profile, 

- Screw head cap (2), 

- Plate and screw made from the same material: titanium alloy.




- Low profile construct: 

  • The screw head reaches a mechanical stop in the slot, insuring the locking (3), 
  • The screw head is buried in the plate. 

- Construct limiting the risk of cold welding 

- Construct allowing an optimized coaptation of both profiles when locking (4).



monoaxial locking system - alians ulna 3/3

Cutting guide and compression device 




  • 2 blocks (ANC670 and ANC671) allowing to manage the operated side (right or left) and the approach (lateral, dorsal or palmar/volar).
cutting guide-alians ulna 3/3
  • 2 cutting guides (ANC171/1 and ANC171/2) enabling 2 to 6 mm resections. The indication 'DISTAL' is present on each cutting guide to ensure an appropriate positioning on the block.
cutting guide avians ulna

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