Activmotion S DTO

Activmotion S DTO is a comprehensive range of anatomical plates dedicated to corrections of the distal tibia and fibula, by opening, closing and derotation osteotomy.

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Activ Ankle

Activ Ankle is the solution for the treatment of trauma to the medial and lateral malleoli and diaphyseal fractures of the fibula.

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Activ Fuse

The Activ Fuse range of implants is dedicated to adult ankle bone reconstruction, including fixation of fractures and arthrodesis of the ankle, distal tibia, talus, and calcaneus.

Several plates are available to perform tibio-talar (TT) or tibio-talocalcaneal (TTC) ankle arthrodesis in first intention or reconstruction surgery.

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Activ Screw

Activ Screw is a range of Ø6.5 mm compression head screws including a kit for the insertion.

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Initial A

Initial A is our range of sterile, single-use kits for distal fibula fractures.

A plate, screws and specific instruments in a single ready-to-use kit.

Initial Solutions, ready when you are !

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One is the patient-specific correction guide solution to assist you in 2D and 3D planning and execution of your osteotomies.

With the recent integration of plastic additive printing expertise, the company has been able to develop a completely new patient-specific osteotomy solution to optimise surgical strategy and quality.

These solutions are developed based on clinical imaging data to optimise anatomical congruence between material and bone tissue

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Multiple options for ankle surgery

With its dedicated and reusable instrumentation, the product range offers a quality, varied and customisable service to treat pathologies effectively. Our latest technology implants can be used to treat simple or more complex fractures (uni or bimalleolar fracture, tibial pilon fracture, etc.). They can also be used for all surgical procedures (tibio-talar and tibio-talocalcaneal arthrodesis, etc.).

Our activmotion S DTO range fits perfectly with our philosophy of joint preservation, working to re-align the lower limb through osteotomies of the distal tibia (peri-malleolar osteotomies).

Initial solution, offering ready-to-use single-use sterile kits, addresses hospital logistics issues by simplifying the availability and management of kits.

Newclip Technics offers a range of technological solutions for elective and traumatological ankle surgery by working closely with the medical profession.

Our commitment from the outset is to meet the needs of the patient while facilitating and making the surgical procedure more reliable.
With a complete range of products and a worldwide presence, Newclip Technics has become a key player in ankle surgery in just a few years.

Training sessions take place throughout the year with workshop and laboratory sessions

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